Sidney Crosby spoke to TSN on Friday from Vail, Colo., about the lockout, players signing in Europe and the cancellation of the first two weeks of the regular season.

On regular season games being cancelled:

Crosby: “There hasn’t been a ton of optimism with what’s gone on, so I think you expect things like that to happen when there’s no progress. As a player, you just try to stay informed. You still have to get ready as if next week something’s going to happen.”

On the state of negotiations:

Crosby: “You look back to those meetings in New York and we felt like we put a pretty good proposal on the table and something that can be tinkered with maybe, but I think the structure of it is definitely something that would help everyone, but now that I read and hear that the league wants more proposals, it’s not really going anywhere in a hurry. It’s unfortunate and, like I said, all you can really do is sit and wait and hope someone gets a great idea or they get some really positive dialogue ... At this point we all just kind of sit and wait.”

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