Rich Hammond of the LA Kings Insider announced he was moving on to a different job yesterday. Last night, he visited a class at the Annenberg School of Communications and revealed more about the reasons why. Ann Frazier (also known as mymclife of Fear the Fin) first broke the story on Twitter and was kind enough to give us this report:

"As a Communication major at the University of Southern California, I have the opportunity to take a class where we basically talk to important people in sports every week. Itís a pretty amazing class simply for entertainment factor (three and a half hours a week where we just talk about sports! For credit!), but thereís also a sort of peek behind the curtain, behind-the-scenes aspect that is really interesting for someone who wants to work in the sports world.

This week was no different. Our scheduled guest was Kings play-by-play announcer Bob Miller, who was pretty awesome to talk to. But the surprise guest this week was USC alumnus Rich Hammond, fresh off the news that he had stepped down from his position as official Kings blogger.

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