With that said, I thought it would be interested to see who was drafted and how high in the WHL Bantam Draft. It just goes to show once again that how high you were picked is not the be all and end all and that if you continue to work hard, your success will and does come. Certain players were drafted high, especially the list of defenseman but some were listed and others lower picks. Here is the breakdown:

Summary is:
2008 Draft Picks - 12 players or 41.3%
2009 Draft Picks - 9 players or 31.0%
2010 Draft Picks - 3 Players or 10.0%
Listed - 5 Players or 17%

Average Selection in the bantam draft is 42nd amongst drafted players. If you factor in the non draftees, it drops way down. There are a total of 16 first round picks in total with 6 being from 2008 and 7 from 2009, while 2010 has 3 players but you have to be pretty elite to be picked as a 17 year old. Just the 2nd, 13th and 15th overall players have been selected.