As you can gather from the outcries stemming from the perceived snubs in Neil Greenberg's Top 25 Under 25 rankings, there is no shortage of young talent in the NHL. And there's more on the way.

Due to Greenberg's criteria, his list omits players who do not have a proven NHL track record of success, which he sets around two seasons. But based on the early returns from several top rookies in 2011-12, we can already see a new crop of stars ready to take their place on the list in a year's time. And they're not alone.

There are a number of players already playing in the NHL or about to step into the league who I can see someday cracking the Top 25 Under 25 list -- some even with the potential to join the elite company at the top. Below you'll find my top 20 candidates most likely to join a future installment of the rankings -- as well as my assessment of their ceiling for future editions of the rankings -- but you should know that my method of evaluation differs slightly from Greenberg's.

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