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    Waiver Wire

    I will attempt to keep this updated with the players who have be placed on waivers by our teams as well as listing any successful waiver claims.

    If you are claiming someone off of waivers, make sure you manipulate your roster so that the player will fit within the roster restrictions; 9 starting forwards, 4 starting dman, 5 bench, and 6 minor leaguers. The best method to do major league players is to put the player you are going to drop on your bench, and when keying in the waiver add, make sure you choose the new player to go to your bench. Also, make sure your major roster is within cap regulations if possible. If adding a minor leaguer, just make sure you choose the added player to go to the Minors, again while making sure your within cap regulations if possible.

    We have a 25 man roster limit, this consisting of 14 active players, 5 reserve players and 6 prospects/minor players.
    If a free agent claim is made that puts your team above the 25 player limit, a player MUST be waived to create room for the free agent.

    Our waiver claim system works like this:
    Reverse Order of Standings (serpentine)
    When Waiver Wire claims are processed, the lowest ranked team in the standings at that time gets first pick, the second lowest team gets second pick, and so on, all the way up to the first place team. Then in the next round, the first place team gets first pick, the second place team gets second pick, and so on, all the way down to the last place team. If a team doesn't have any more pending claims, their turn is skipped. This process continues until all teams have no more claims. For example, in a 4-team league, the order would go: 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.
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    These are the players that have been waived thusfar (the ones that I can remember):

    Ruslan Fedotenko - $1,750,000
    Joe Corvo - $2,000,000
    Kyle Quincey - $3,775,000
    Johnny Boychuk - $3,666,667
    Raffi Torres - $1,775,000
    Shawn Horcoff - $5,500,000
    Eric Fehr - $525,000
    Ryan Wilson - $2,250,000
    Matt Gilroy - $525,000

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    These players have joined the free agent pool:

    Corvo, Joe CARD
    Klotz, Garrett PHIF
    Horcoff, Shawn EDMF
    Thomas, Tim BOSG
    Parent, Ryan VAND
    Martinek, Radek CBJD
    Chaput, Stefan BOSF
    Regner, Brent CBJD
    Fedotenko, Ruslan PHIF
    Foster, Kurtis MIND
    Barker, Cam EDMD
    Fehr, Eric WPGF
    Ellis, Dan ANAG
    Bodie, Troy ANAF
    Rosehill, Jay TORF
    Wilson, Ryan COLD
    Fortier, Olivier MONF
    Kalinski, Jon TBF
    Parse, Scott LAF
    Kubina, Pavel PHID
    Legace, Manny VANG
    Kruger, Marcus CHIF
    Boychuk, Johnny BOSD
    Gilroy, Matt OTTD
    Clemmensen, Scott FLAG
    Torres, Raffi PHOF
    Quincey, Kyle DETD
    Stortini, Zack NASF

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    These players have been placed on waivers are available:

    Meszaros, Andrej PHID
    Armstrong, Colby MONF

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    Sutton, Andy EDMD

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    Desjardins, Andrew SJF

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    Schmaltz, Jordan STLD
    Rau, Kyle FLAF
    Leblanc, Louis MONF

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    These players are back in the free agent pool:

    Leblanc, Louis MONF
    Meszaros, Andrej PHID
    Armstrong, Colby MONF
    Desjardins, Andrew SJF
    Sutton, Andy EDMD

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    Newly waived players:

    Sproul, Ryan DETD
    Gorges, Josh MOND

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    These players are now free agents:

    Sproul, Ryan DETD
    Gorges, Josh MOND

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