Canadian defenceman Nathan Oystrick is among the most durable on the team. In addition, you´ll not find a harder working player. He is almost always the first one on the ice for games and practices to make sure he´s ready to work, and he does all drills at full speed in practice. His approach should be a model for all players.

How would you describe the practices run by Václav Sýkora compared to former coach Jandač?

It´s still only been a few days since the change. A lot of the drills have been quite similar. We´ll see.

Do you think that he´ll change the team´s style of play?

I´m not sure. So far we haven´t discussed any of that. There will be a few more practices before the first game, so maybe that´ll help us. But I personally think that the system of the game won´t change too much.