As the NHL lockout rages on, rather than focusing on the definition of HRR, the owner/player split and board meetings that accomplish nothing, we will instead turn our attention to the game of hockey itself by featuring (semi)weekly updates on the Winnipeg Jets' CHL prospects: Mark Scheifele, Adam Lowry, Scott Kosmachuk, Lukas Sutter, Ryan Olsen, Austen Brassard, and Zach Yuen.

Last time we looked at our CHL prospects it was at the start of November. Let’s see how they’ve done since.

2011 1st Round: Mark Scheifele: 6GP, 6G, 4A, 10PTS, +2, 2PIM

Mark has begun to realize his wicked wrist shot is a viable option in addition to his already well-honed playmaking skills. Scheifele was a member Team OHL in the Subway Super Series. Scheifele was given the task of third line shutdown role with two Boston Bruins prospects on the win: teammate Anthony Camara and Seth Griffith. Together they formed a defensively aware unit with an offensive edge, creating many scoring opportunities, albeit they did not score. Over at, it was nice to see Scheifele get praised by non-Jet fans, as many – including three Russian regulars – touted Mark to be the strongest player in the game. Oh, also, Yakupov doesn't like Scheifele apparently.

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