It’s official. The City of Glendale publically released the newest arena management agreement between the city and prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison on Friday. Friday also saw the release of the agenda for the Tuesday, Nov. 20 workshop. The arena management agreement will be discussed at the workshop.

“The Acting City Manager will present a comprehensive review of the finalized Arena Lease and Management Agreement and Noncompetition and Non-Relocation Agreement with Arizona Hockey Arena Partners, LLC, and Arizona Hockey Partners, LLC, for the use of the city-owned Arena by the Phoenix Coyotes,” according to the workshop agenda. Glendale Councilmember Joyce Clark posted on her Facebook page earlier this week that she had sent a written request to Skeete requesting a vote on the lease to take place by Nov. 27th and that the lease documents be made public by or before Nov. 20. To read the full written conversation that took place click here. The official agenda for the Nov. 27 city council meeting is expected to be released on Friday, Nov. 23.

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