It has taken less than 72 hours for the league to make an amendment to the collective bargaining agreement it canceled half a season to negotiate. But after the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers reportedly informed Scott Gomez and Wade Redden, respectively, to go home and break out the sweatpants and Ben & Jerry's for the remainder of the year rather than report to training camp, the players' association intervened and things have only escalated from there.

Montreal and New York wanted to ensure their overpaid albatross wouldn't suffer an injury during the season and thereby be ineligible for an amnesty buyout this summer. The NHL and PA stepped in to allow clubs an "accelerated compliance buyout" prior to the start of the regular season this Saturday. Teams are permitted to use an amnesty buyout right now, but the cap hit of the bought out player would count against them until the beginning of the 2013-14 season.

The upshot of all this is that Gomez and Redden are likely to end up on the unrestricted free agent market as soon as tomorrow after their clubs utilize the CBA's newest provision. Redden is largely an unknown quantity at this point, having been stashed in the AHL two years ago. It's Gomez who intrigues me and probably should intrigue Doug Wilson and the Sharks' front office as well.