St. Louis has been home to a storied NHL franchise since 1967, but that history is not all that matters. In a city where baseball is king and football gets more attention than deserved, the Blues have always been somewhat of a bonus to St. Louis sports fans. Donít get me wrong, there are plenty of us that live and breathe hockey in the gateway city, but many of the seats in Scottrade are filled with fair weather fans or sports fans enjoying a break from their normal routine.

The impact of the lost season in 2004-05 was one that almost saw a total collapse of the teamís support. The new leadership of the team did a great job in getting the fan base to return by using promotions like free food nights, introducing a mascot, and launching major advertising campaigns throughout the city, but the results only really paid off the last couple years. There was a long time when you could get all-inclusive club seats on craigslist for $25 because no one wanted to go and see the Blues play (admittedly, I wouldnít mind getting great seats for next to nothing again, but at what cost?). Luckily, the young Blues team had grown into their own the last couple years and having two stints in the playoffs and an incredible year last season has led many people back to the Blues, but what could a lost season do to the team this time around?

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