Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of the negotiation process during this lockout is how the two sides can have such a diametrically opposed version of their own reality. You’d expect them to have conflicting viewpoints and a propensity to put their own spin on the issues. But what has been utterly incomprehensible is how each side presents its version of the events as truth and how they can be so different.

A prime example of that occurred last Thursday night when talks between the two sides blew up in Manhattan. The players and owners could not have been coming from more polar opposites. And it makes you wonder how much each side is actually listening to the other when their recollection of what happened is so opposed.

After the meetings, Winnipeg Jets defenseman and the de facto leader among the players, Ron Hainsey, said the players were told both by NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and outside counsel Bob Batterman Wednesday night that any attempt to have NHL Players’ Association executive director Don Fehr rejoin negotiations would be viewed as a deal breaker.