Lockout be damned – how many times have you heard “…but we don’t have any hockey to keep us entertained!” Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen. Sure, America doesn’t include hockey in their top three professional sports, but that doesn’t mean that there are some rabid, hockey-obsessed fans here in America, just as there are in countries (I’m really only looking at you, Canada…) where citizens eat/sleep/breathe the sport. For over 35 years, the International Ice Hockey Federation World Under 20 Championship (more simply known as the World Junior Hockey Championship – WJHC) has taken place in late December and spills into the new year. The main tournament is comprised of the top ten ranked hockey countries in the world. Last year saw Sweden beat out Russia in the gold medal match. Luckily for you, the puck just dropped a few hours ago in Ufa, Russia for the 2013 WJHC. The better news, though? NHL Network will provide live broadcasts, including all medal-round games.

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