Christmas is over, which means the World Juniors championship is upon us again. Itís the best prospect aged tournament of the year, featuring players U-20 (so 19 and below). This year the tournament comes from Russia, which means some rough time zone changes for us viewers in North America, but letís take a look at the prospects the Pittsburgh Penguins will have at the event.

Scott Harrington (Canada)

The 2011 2nd round pick has rounded his game into one of the finest and smoothest of all the junior aged defensemen around. Harrington won the bronze with Canada last year and due to eligibility is one of the few returning players from that team. In such, heís been named an alternate captain and will play a much bigger role this time around as Canada looks to bounce back from last yearís disappointing and shocking 6-5 loss to Russia and tries to spoil the hostís party this year. Harrington wonít be flashy but heís very steady- he can skate well, pass well, read plays and is excellent in his own zone at using his stick to break up passes and shots.