Busy news day at practice before the WBS Pens left town for Norfolk:

– News: The Wheeling Nailers have suspended winger Keven Veilleux indefinitely for allegedly using a racial slur during a confrontation with South Carolina defenseman Scooter Vaughan in a game last night. Vaughan is black. According to Shawn Rine of the Wheeling Intelligencer, the ECHL is investigating and Veilleux is planning to issue a statement. WBS coach John Hynes said the organization has yet to hold discussions regarding Veilleux’s status.

Views: Veilleux should apologize as soon as possible and then take his suspension without complaint. There’s no room in sports for that kind of thing. The story might be a little more complicated than that, however. There might end up being a debate about which racial or ethnic slurs are truly offensive and therefore worthy of suspension and which ones aren’t. Frankly, it’s a thorny issue that I’d rather not wade into. If I have to, I will. Depends on where the story goes.

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