One week of the NHL season is in the books and it's already been quite a ride for Carolina fans. Things started out very poorly as the Hurricanes dropped their first two games in humiliating fashion but they managed to get back to .500 after sweeping a home-and-home series against the Buffalo Sabres. How Carolina will perform from here on out is uncertain but the fact that they have been able to outshoot and outchance their opponents at even strength in every game this year is very encouraging in regards to future success if they can continue to do that in the long-term.

Who has stood out the most on the Hurricanes outside of goals and points in this first week of action, though? To do that, we're going to take a look at the team's scoring chance numbers that I have been tracking throughout the season. For those unfamiliar with what a scoring chance is or how they are tracked, here's a refresher. A scoring chance is defined as an unblocked shot directed at the net from a "dangerous scoring area" which is outlined in this diagram. Normally, I would track each chance and log them into Vic Ferrari's script to see which players were on-ice for the most chances in all three area of play, but the script hasn't gone live yet for this year so I've had to do that manually by using's play-by-play sheets.

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