The Pittsburgh Penguins, now a perennial contender for the Stanley Cup, got off to a start that can best be described as ragtag on a good day, chaotic on bad. While some of the rust may be attributable to a long layoff, it’s actually a disparaging continuation of the end of the 2011-12 season. When captain Sidney Crosby returned to the Pittsburgh lineup late last year, the wheels seemed to be so well greased that they spun right off the axle. Has the pressure to produce Cups in a small window put head coach “Disco” Dan Bylsma on the hot seat?

The Penguins went from an offensive-minded club to a watered down version of the 1983 Edmonton Oilers in a flash. The stretch passes, the free-wheeling offense, backchecking that could best be described as circumstantial, but honestly, it seemed just down right optional. The only time forwards were making a concerted effort to go below the top of the faceoff circle was to gather in a loose puck

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