When it was announced the Pittsburgh Penguins had traded Jordan Staal, it came as a shock that he would move from a team with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin to join the Hurricanes. Carolina is the home of his oldest brother Eric Staal, who also happens to be the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes. Uniting brothers, one trade at a time.

Both brothers are talented centres that play very different games in terms of style. How could one team be so lucky as to have two Staal brothers on their team? Two, that have proven themselves in the NHL. The Hurricanes traded for youngest Staal brother, Jared, in 2010. Thatís a 75% success rate on confining the Staal brothers to one state.

Jordan is 6í4″, 215 lbs and a master when it comes to working the boards. Sure, his big body helps him, but his phenomenal puck-handling and defensive-offensive skills that earned him a Selke Trophy nomination in 2010 (the award went to Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk for the third year in a row) deserve credit as well.

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