8 more years for Teemu Selanne?

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Thread: 8 more years for Teemu Selanne?

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    8 more years for Teemu Selanne?

    The always insightful Teemu Selanne sat back in his stall inside the Ducks locker room and welcomed reporters to chat after today’s practice.

    Selanne offered his thoughts on tomorrow’s game against the NHL-best Blackhawks, the success of the Ducks, similarities to the 2007 Cup team and more.

    On tomorrow night’s contest: “At the end of the day, it’s only two points, but it’s a big two points. Every two points are huge. We want to see where we’re at right now. They’re playing well and we’re playing well. It’s a good matchup. It’s pretty much whoever wants to win it more. I don’t think there’s going to be much difference between the styles. Whoever wants it more.”

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    From Teemu:
    “If they can play eight more years, I can too. I’m in better shape than they are.”

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