In the aftermath of the season many Jets fans and media alike have mentioned the progress of the Toronto Maple Leafs as something the Winnipeg Jets can strive towards. The premise is loose and lazy to begin with, but I believe the idea is that the Jets will take a similar step forward when they start graduating their young talent. Mark Scheifele can be Winnipeg’s Nazem Kadri. Jacob Trouba can be the Jets' Jake Gardiner and so on. Something silly like that anyways. It is a fun storyline I suppose, but it doesn’t really reflect the reality of the situation.

Yes, the Winnipeg Jets and Toronto Maple Leafs are both young teams. Yes, the Jets are set to start graduating some of their young talent. Yes, the Jets may be poised for a step forward, but that is where the similarities end. These two teams are built very differently and play very different games. The biggest flaw in this storyline is the fact that the Maple Leafs' "big steps" were largely built around two things that the team has zero control over.

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