Beginning today, July 2nd, 2013 - trades will be conducted in a different way.

All trades will now be processed by the Commissioner.

Trades must be posted in this thread: 2013-14 Trade Announcements

GMs for all teams involved in the trade must confirm the trade in the Trade Announcements thread. One GM should post the trade and the 2nd GM should quote that post and confirm the trade, if it's a 3-way trade - the 3rd GM must also confirm. Trades will NOT be processed until all teams have confirmed.

Post should like something like this:

Trade to announce:

From Miro Satan's Army:
Eric Tangradi
2015 1st round pick (Miro Satan's Army)
Sheldon Souray

To the Springfield Isotopes in exchange for:
Zack Kassian
Steve Downie
2014 3rd round pick (Nouka)

The Commissioner will check the Trade Announcements thread at least once daily (probably more) and process the trades as soon as possible.

What this means for our GMs is that they will actually have to communicate with their fellow GMs and discuss the offers. This can be done either via email or PMs here on this site. This also means that we are trusting our GMs to respond within a reasonable time period to any offers they receive and to any further discussion around that offer. 48 hours is a reasonable time.

If you make a habit of not responding within the 48 hour time frame, you run the risk of losing your team. We want our GMs to be active and present. Non-particpating/non-communicating GMs harm the league and we are striving to make this a premium, top league.

As a GM you should be checking the posts in the league forum on on a regular basis. At least every few days or so during the off-season and a daily or every other day basis during the regular season.

The 2013-14 Trade Block and Trade Rumours should be used by our GMs to post the players and picks that are available as well as what your team is looking for in trade.