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    Mid-draft Influencing

    I believe we should instantiate a rule for the future drafts that no one mentions yet-to-be-drafted names to other owners once the draft begins.

    It's one of thing to put out a guide before the draft starts, where all owners have it available to them and can consider these things along with the entire draft order laid out ahead of them. It's another thing to have already made your last pick in the draft, and then give other owners suggestions about guys still on your list mid round when someone later in that round may have already had their heart set on a guy who has been unknowingly falling through the cracks because the other owners haven't done their homework.

    This exact situation happened to me during today's draft with Tanner Pearson. Due to the fact I had no 2nd round selection, and I watched every owner pass over this guy who was clearly better than other names going in the 2nd round, I knew he had been forgotten about and I wasn't worried about trying to change my draft position with a trade from 25th in the 3rd round to earlier in the round to ensure I got him. Someone who had finished picking their draft then told people they were giving away the top names on their board if you messaged them about 5 picks before my pick, and Pearson was the next name to be drafted. It was confirmed that this name was one of the ones given away for free to the manager who chose him.

    I would have expected that someone with as much experience in Fantasy Sports and one of our commishes would know better than to influence a draft like this, but I guess not - therefore I propose this rule.
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