The Texas Stars are second in their division, 11 points behind the Abbotsford Heat with three games in hand. They have a nice mix of future NHL prospects and veterans coming together to make an interesting AHL team. There is evidence to suggest that they could actually be better than where they are now.

Over at NHLNumbers on November 15th, Josh Weissbock posted his projections for team Corsi percentages of all of the AHL teams. He essentially teased out how shots relate to Corsi in the NHL and used shots from the first two periods of AHL games (to avoid score effects) to estimate the Corsi percentages for the AHL clubs.

Believe it or not, the Texas Stars come in at number one. As of Nov. 15, the Stars had taken 37 more shots in those parameters than any other team. Seventeen teams had allowed more shots than the Stars. Overall it has been a dominant performance.

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